ONP Board

Barbara J. Dabler, President

Barb, a mother of 5 and grandmother of 9, is one of the original founders of ONP. Introduced to the idea of fantasy trips for sick children while also working for UAL as a flight attendant in the mid 2000's, Barb decided that the idea could be developed into a much larger community based program. She spearheaded the other co-founders to start ONP in 2009. She has primarily worked in Emergency Services at Advocate Lutheran General Hospital since the mid 70s and as a result, has been responsible for the large participation of the public safety personnel she has met along the way. Her compassion to help others has been an inspiration for the many volunteers who make ONP the organization that it has become.

e-mail:  barbd@operationnorthpole.org

Timothy J. Crossin, Treasurer

Tim is a retired Firefighter/Paramedic, having served 22 years with the Niles Fire Department and is one of the original founders of ONP. He is also a Certified Public Accountant ("CPA") and held the designation of Certified Financial Planner ("CFP") for many years. In the early 1990's, Tim was responsible for groundbreaking work in developing an IRS approved Post Employment Health Plan for retiring public safety personnel. Since retiring, he has devoted his time to giving back to help others in need in the community through his volunteer work with ONP.

e-mail:  timc@operationnorthpole.org

E. Jason Tremblay, Secretary

Jason was one of the original founders of Operation North Pole, Inc. He has served as a Board Member and/or Secretary since the organization obtained its 501(c)(3) status in 2009. As the current Secretary of ONP, Jason is generally responsible for, among other things, overseeing contractual, legal and compliance related issues. When not fulfilling his duties for ONP, Jason is a partner at the law firm of Arnstein & Lehr LLP, where he is the chair of the Labor and Employment Group and specializes in employment, labor and commercial law. In this regard, he has represented not-for-profits in many different facets over the years. Jason, along with his wife and three young children, live in close proximity to ONP, as well as the communities that ONP serves, and they strongly believe that community involvement and volunteering is essential to making this world a better place.

e-mail:  jasont@operationnorthpole.org

Timothy E. Sashko, Director

Tim is a retired Fire Chief having served 36 years in the fire service. Tim served as the fire chief in Buffalo Grove through 2007 and finished his career in Mundelein in 2015.  Tim was the Executive Director for the Illinois Fire Chiefs from 2015 - 2017. Tim is currently a consultant, vice-president with GovHRUSA providing public safety consulting in the public sector. He also has been a member of the Lake County Board of Health since 2003 and has served as the President/Chairman since 2013. Tim has served on numerous local, regional and state professional Boards during his career. He became actively involved with Operation North Pole in 2011 fostering the fire service partnership with ONP with the desire to grow the level of involvement by local fire departments and regional fire service associations as well as business partnerships. Tim became a member of the Board of Directors with ONP in early 2014.

e-mail:  tims@operationnorthpole.org

Terry C. Chiganos Jr. M.D., Director

TJ first came to know ONP through our current president, Barb Dabler, working together at Lutheran General Hospital.  TJ has worked as an attending emergency physician since 2012 after completing residency training though the University of Illinois at Chicago.   As a long time resident of the western suburbs and proud father of two, TJ and his wife Deanne look forward to serving our community for years to come.  The true value of ONP derives from the character of our volunteers and their commitment to families in need.  TJ hopes to broaden the outreach of ONP while maintaining the core mission and values established by our founders. 

e-mail:  terryc@operationnorthpole.org