Making Candy Land Happen.....

Operation North Pole ("ONP") has become part of our lives since we were lucky enough to be invited to join the ONP team as volunteers in 2011. What started as our bakery, Takes the Cake, donating a few Cake Pops as treats for these brave kids quickly grew into one of the biggest joys in our lives. Over the past four years, the dreams of Anna Butler, Paul Besch, Crissy Hoffman and myself were realized in the creation of Lollipop Lane.

Its been crazy to see just how magical candy is!


We're blessed that over 90% of the candy needed for the day has been provided by donations.  As the result of the internet and social media, every year more and more people from around the United States ship us mountains of candy.  This phenomenon of candy collection has brought together so many people to help with ONP .... and other worthy causes. Over the years the excess candy we collect has been shipped overseas to our troops and its been shared with children in New York and New Jersey who suffered through Hurricane Sandy.  Even one of our volunteers took some on his annual mission to serve some of the less fortunate children of the Phillippines. 





Imagine if you will, a day of magic.  A day full of games where no one loses, prizes that everyone wins, the magic of Santa and more candy than one can fathom.  This is the one day children never hear the word "no."  To be able bring this joy for just a few brief hours to children, who shouldn't be sick but are, is what makes it all worthwhile. ONP will always be a part of us, and we would be lost without all the time and dedication that our Lollipop Lane volunteers share together..


from ongoing craft nights to candy sorting. Its all done to be able to witness the joy on the faces of these brave amazing families, who for one day can forget about doctors, hospitals, chemo and their illnesses.  

If you are interested in donating candy or prizes for our carnival games, please visit our Ways to Donate page for more information.