Amber Copeman


My name is Amber Copeman. My family and I were blessed to be a part of the Magic that was last year’s Operation North Pole in Rosemont. I am writing today because my family would like to give back to such a generous, amazing foundation. We would be honored to volunteer to help in any way for the upcoming events. I spoke with Barb and Tim and they informed me to e-mail and find out how we could go about doing so.  They also mentioned the tree decorating event coming up in December as well and we would be honored to be a part of it in any way. Throughout this past year our thoughts have floated back to that magical day and it really is a memory that that will last a lifetime. Its people like you that make having a disability or a mother of a child with a disability eternally grateful for giving my son Dylan and daughter Lily those precious memories. Words cannot even express how much you’ve touched our hearts and we in turn would like to be a part of touching others the way so many did for us.

We are available for whatever your needs may be and are located about an hour away from Chicago in Michigan so travel is not a problem. Please give our family the opportunity to help out in any way necessary this holiday season. My phone number is xxx-xxx-xxxx, please call or e-mail if you’d like our help and information on the tree decorating would be appreciated as well. I am anxiously awaiting to hear back from you and thank you again for the miracle that was last Christmas J

God Bless,

Amber, Cory, Dylan and Lily Collins