Why I volunteer


Why I Love ONP

I learned about Operation North Pole in 2013 through my friend Bob Severns. I was immediately impressed with the scale of the operation (pun intended). It is an amazing cause, run by awesome people and it was incredible to see all the photos and learn about past events. Reading testimonials from parents who attended ONP gave me goosebumps - it's such a special day that means so much to so many. The first year I took up a candy collection at work and mailed over 40 pounds of sweetness out to Chicago. But after seeing pictures of all of the fun, I knew I had to become more involved. So last year I was invited to become a volunteer and flew out a few days before the event to help with set-up. I helped wrap boxes, set up carnival prizes, and decorate Lollipop Lane - I've literally never seen so much candy in my life! It was incredible! The day of the event, I was responsible for taking pictures. I laughed, I cried, and met so many incredible people. It's hard to put into words just what it was like, to see the kids' faces light up, and to watch the parents seeing their children having so much fun. I can't wait to help out again this year!
- Kim C. 
Sicklerville, NJ
image3My Experience With ONP

I have been volunteering for ONP going on my 4th year this year with Lollipop Lane.   I learned about it from Bob Severns.  I have to say it’s the most rewarding experience that I have ever been lucky to take part in.  From the craft nights starting in September making pool noddle reindeer.  To watching all the candy shout outs on Facebook showing all the candy that is being donated.  
But the best surprise is when you walk in on the day of the event and see all the candy that has been set up and all the hard work that everyone had put into this magical day. Then when the kids and their families come in and see their faces it’s just the icing on a great day. I’m happy to be part of this wonderful organization and can’t wait for the event this year.

Dawn W.

Why I Volunteer with Lollipop Lane at ONP


Operation North Pole is an event like nothing I’ve ever experienced before.  As a member of the Lollipop Lane team, there is so much heart and soul that goes in to preparing for the big day and so much joy and happiness at the actual event.  I first got involved through my childhood friend, Bob.  I am so glad that he asked me to be part of the team!  Lollipop Lane gets kicked off in mid-September, asking for candy donations and starting craft nights.  The team gets together to make any number of different crafts for the event.  We’ve made pool noodle reindeer, tulle poofs, pom-pom shooters, and many others!  Such simple crafts really light up the children’s faces!  The amount of candy sent in is always a welcome reminder of how many caring people are willing to help.  All the preparation is totally worth it when it comes time for the big event!  Watching the surprise, joy, excitement and gratitude on the faces of the families is a feeling that cannot be replicated.  I am amazed by the strength of these parents and children going through things that many of us cannot even imagine.  Yet, this one day, I get to help bring a smile to their faces.  It truly is an honor to be part of something so incredible!

Kelley S.