Ways to Donate to Operation North Pole

Operation North Pole hosts various fundraising events throughout the year in order to raise the money necessary to fulfill the wishes of our special guests.  Corporate and private support is our only means of making the wishes of these special children come true and we are extremely grateful to all who donate to our organization.  ONP accepts cash donations, NEW toys and NEW winter children's coats. Our invited guests submit wish lists to Santa Claus and we make every attempt to have their specific wishes fulfilled through our Secret Santa Program. On occasion we supplement our invited children’s wishes from our inventory of New Toys. In past years we have also supported the American Red Cross during the holiday season with donations of new toys and winter coats to area victims of natural disasters and house fires. Remember, Operation North Pole also accepts matching donations from your employer!

Specific Programs

Secret Santa Program

Secret_SantaEach year the children of invited families who are aged 12 and younger and who attend our event can submit a wishlist to Santa. We budget $300.00 worth of gift requests for each of these children and normally have between 175 and 200 eligible children receive gifts each year. Their requests can run the full spectrum of a child's imagination. Sometimes we get unusual requests for specific medical devices that can aid a child's everyday life... or sometimes a request for a bed because the family lost everything in a fire. Many of our children ask for electronics that they can use during hospital stays. Our Secret Santa program allows you to make a child's dream come true during the holiday season. If you desire to become a Secret Santa, we ask that you fulfill the child's wish list to a maximum of $300.00. Some wish lists are very humble and do not add up to $300.00. In that case, we ask that you supplement the wish list so this child will receive presents that equal $300.00 in value. Every child in every family is treated equally at ONP. No child is considered sick on the day of our event..... and Santa never comes down the chimney to ask which child is the sick one... to be treated differently than the other children.  If you haven't done so, please sign up for our Newsletter that will keep you up to date on Happenings at the Pole!  At our annual concert in October each year you can view the various child wish lists and select from the many posted on the walls. You can also call our office after the Secret Santa Concert and find out if we have any additional Secret Santa requests that need to be filled. If you can't shop for a child and wish to donate cash for the purpose of fulfilling a child's wish list, volunteer shoppers can shop on your behalf.

Adopt a Tree Program


The Winter Wonderland now encompasses 28,000 square feet at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center and this year ONP will decorate well over 200 Christmas trees as part of the decorations of our event. We supply pre-lit Christmas trees and ask for volunteers to donate decorations and their talents to complete these trees with their own theme on the Saturday prior to our event in December.   In 2014 volunteers decorated 50 trees and had such a good time that we expanded the event to include 120 trees in 2015 and 150 in 2016 and 200 in 2017!  The trees stand in height from  5'-8' tall and we ask that you also supply an extension cord as part of your decorations so that we can provide power to all of our trees. Please call ONP at 847-813-5387 to reserve your tree(s).



North Pole Candy Company


Each year volunteers and supporters of ONP sponsor a child's dream.... thousands of pounds of candy for the taking.... Last year, approximately 4,000 pounds,.. yep 2 tons of candy was donated to ONP !!!  You can help us out by buying a bag or two of candy and sending it to us . Don't worry about ONP collecting too much candy as we've sent the excess to our troops overseas and provided other worthy causes with your generosity. Remember, just a few dollars can go a long way at the Dollar Store...and it will definitely put a smile on a child's face! If you want to help with a fundraising project to collect some candy for our North Pole Candy Company, please send us an email with North Pole Candy Company in the subject line and we'll contact you with details and specifics with our program.